I started Boil and Broth back in 2017 by selling my bone broth soup in ice cream containers to friends and family who were keen to give them a try after they had witnessed my health transformation. I lost a total of 6 stone over 2 years when I cleaned up my digestive system and included new foods into my diet.

In 2014, I gave birth to my first child Jack. At the time I weighed over 100kgs and had been plagued by a number of health problems, such as frequent UTI’s, vaginal thrush, IBS, fatigue, weight gain and more. I regularly visited the doctor to seek help for my issues, but was unable to get to the bottom of what was causing my problems. I then gave birth to my second child Skarlette, but my health problems continued most of which plagued my digestive system. I became intolerant to so many foods, that I didn’t know what to eat. Often, I was left crying and feeling at a loss, because I did not know how to get my health back.

In 2017, I gave up on the doctors and decided to start my own research. My journey of my health problems led me to discover gut health. I learned about the gut microbiome, about inflammation and how certain foods might be able to help me. I started to make bone broth, but couldn’t drink it so added it to a soup. I ate the soup every day and followed a strict Candida diet that I designed myself. I took a few supplements to help with digestion, liver function and drawing out toxins. I also discovered probiotics but couldn’t afford to buy the expensive ones too frequently, and that was when I found out about fermented foods. Keen to ensure that I was getting enough of the good bacteria into my gut, I stumbled across water kefir juice. I was unable to buy it easily in the UK, so I started to make it myself. Daily, I would eat my broth soup and drink my kefir and within 12 weeks my infections stopped, my digestive issues cleared up and I lost 2.5 stone in weight. I continued with my new way of eating and over 9 months, I lost 4 stone resulting in a total of 6 stone weight loss over 2 years. I am now the healthiest, strongest and fittest that I have ever been.

I am now on a mission to raise awareness about Candida overgrowth. Having spoken to many women, and sometimes men, Candida causes so many problems for people and it is going undiagnosed. It’s important I get my story and my products out there to the people who need them. I have become so passionate about health, that I am dedicating my life to helping others with their own health issues. I am keen to learn more about health science and am now studying a Health Science Degree, so that I can underpin my knowledge and hopefully share some theories and science with others who can use the information to bring back their own health.

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