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Beef & Tomato Broth Soup

Fancy making our beef and tomato broth soup?

Our beef bone broth is rich in flavour and a perfect to make a delicious soup. Very simply, this beef and tomato broth soup recipe can be prepped and ready to eat within a few hours if you use a slow cooker.

We love using slow cookers for many of our recipes. Slow cooking food keeps the nutrients and flavour well-preserved. It’s also a great way to cook for the family if you are time poor. Perfect for busy parents.



400g of diced beef

2 x 500ml pouches of Boil and Broth beef broth

2 large parsnips chopped

3 large tomatoes blended

1/2 brocolli head and stem

1 tsp of mixed herbs

1 tsp of pepper

1/2 tsp of salt (with optional chilli flakes)


Turn the slow cooker on to a high heat. Add the bone broth. Then add all the chopped vegetables including the blended tomatoes.

Finally, add the diced beef. Leave to cook for 3 hours.

Season with herbs, salt and pepper.

Serve in a bowl. Optional sour dough bread.

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