Buy Natural Probiotic Drinks – Great for gut health!

Naturally carbonated, abundant in beneficial bacteria, vegan-friendly, low in sugar

Handmade with love.

Our range of natural probiotic drinks contains natural bacteria good for your gut health. Your gut flora lives within your large intestine and can become unbalanced when you take antibiotics, have a poor diet, extreme stress, and more. It’s important to look after your gut flora because new science is telling us that the health of your gut is linked to many health conditions we are seeing today. And, with our five delicious favours of natural probiotic drinks you can give your gut the love it deserves.

What are natural probiotics?

Natural probiotics are live bacteria that have been produced naturally using an age-old preservation technique called natural fermentation. These bacteria are very important for good gut health. By ingesting them frequently you will help to maintain a good balance of gut bacteria that live in your large intestine. Having a good balance of your gut bacteria will help to improve your immune system. Bio Alive is the only UK company to create bacteria naturally within the drink-making process, as opposed to adding bacteria strains separately.

Can natural probiotics help me?

Absolutely! Probiotics are live bacteria and can help improve digestion. Natural probiotics are also capable of surviving the digestive journey, which means they have a better chance of colonising helping to balance your gut flora.

Natural probiotics are particularly important if you have taken antibiotics or other pharmaceutical drugs. It’s a natural way to restore your gut flora.

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