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Give our new bone broth powder a try for your dogs, and cats too.

Our new dehydrated bone broth powder is super easy to use and makes having bone broth in the house more convenient. Check out all the samples below.

We’d love you to try some, which is why we are giving away a free sample of bone broth to every customer. All we ask is for £1 to cover postage and packaging.

If you’re seeing the prices below, don’t worry a discount is automatically applied at the checkout, so you’ll only pay £1 when you select one sample.

You’re welcome to buy any of the other samples, you will just have to pay £5 per sample, plus the £1 postage.

Choose from your favourite flavours for your dogs. And if your dogs have allergies, then no worries, choose a novelty protein such as goat, lamb, or venison for easier digestion.

Want to know why bone broth is good for your pets? Check out our article here.

Fancy trying a sample from our human range too?

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