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Bone broth for babies can really help increase the protein your child needs in their daily diet. Often, it can be difficult to get your child’s recommended daily protein intake, which is why adding bone broth to your baby’s meals can help with muscle growth. There is also a common belief that the protein found in bone broth can reduce gut inflammation. This is particularly important if your child has taken long doses of antibiotics.

Not all babies and children will enjoy bone broth on its own. Disguising broth in meals and drinks can be a sneaky way to ensure your child gets bone broth into their diet.

At Boil and Broth, all our bone broth is made with no added ingredients. We choose not to water down our bone broth, because we create products for gut health. Our bone broth for babies arrives in smaller 250ml pouches. They will be frozen, but you can defrost in the fridge and add to meals accordingly. For recipe inspiration, please head to our recipe page.

Placing an order with Boil and Broth is easy, simply click on the product link below and add to the cart. When you order before 11am Monday – Thursday, you will receive your delivery the following day.

We are often asked if it’s safe to give bone broth to babies. Our Founder, Rachel Down has written a blog post which you can read here. Please note that you should never replace breast milk with bone broth. Bone broth should always be complementary to your child’s diet.

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