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Bone broth is good for gut health. At Boil and Broth, we make bone broth for gut health. Our bone broth is high in protein, which is important for digestive healing. We are the only bone broth producer in the UK to make bone broth with no added vegetables or seasoning. We take this approach, because we understand many people are intolerant to certain foods.

From Boil and Broth, you can buy chicken, beef and lamb bone broth. We also sell water kefir juice to help replenish depleted gut bacteria. You can buy individual bone broth pouches in bulk, or combined multipacks. All our products are delivered via DPD. If you order before 11am Monday – Thursday, then your order will be delivered next day.

Bone broth can be added to meals or drank on its own. We roast our bones before we slow-boil them. This adds delicious flavours to the final broth and makes drinking on it’s own more palatable. If you are looking for some inspiration for bone broth recipes, then please visit our recipe page.

Children and babies can also have bone broth included in their diet. However, babies must be weaned on to solids and it is not recommended to replace breast milk with bone broth. By giving your children bone broth, you can help to ensure they receive the daily recommended amount of protein. To read more about bone broth for children and babies, please click here.

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