Be Candida Free Diet Month One


Choose the Be Candida Free diet to be free of the condition in 12 weeks. A great program for anyone looking to improve their gut health. Pack will include bone broth, kefir water and supplements. 

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Join our Be Candida Free Diet and you can be free from Candida in 12 weeks.

Candida overgrowth is a condition that is not recognised on the NHS or by many conventional doctors. Candida overgrowth can happen after taking more than one dose of antibiotics in a short period of time. The antibiotics tend to kill off good and bad bacteria which can lead to other opportunistic organisms to grow out of control, such as fungi.

To get rid of the fungi overgrowth, you must kill it off through starvation of food, and that is what this program concentrates on.

The Be Candida Free Cleanse and Diet is a first of it’s kind where you will take the entire function of the digestive system into consideration to ensure you are given the best chance to Be Candida Free.

We also run a Facebook group. You can join it here to be part of the Be Candida Free community.

What’s in the package?

–  The full program in Rachel Down’s book Be Candida Free. You will receive a signed copy of the book.

–  Month one of the Be Candida Free program, including the cleanse stage

– 6 x Boil and Broth beef bone broth (500ml pouches)

– 4 x Boil and Broth water kefir juice (1 litre bottles)

– One month of Digestive Enzymes (90 tablets)

– One month of Milk Thistle (90 tablets)

– Bentonite Clay (enough for one month)

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Our delicious beef bone broth is made using the finest beef bones sourced locally in Dorset. To ensure we produce a premium quality broth that’s abundant in protein and collagen, we only use knucklebones and our homemade organic apple cider vinegar for mineral extraction. We also add filtered water to produce a nourishing broth that has proven results in improving digestive problems. Instead of slow-boiling our broth for a long-time, we actually pressure cook our broth. This new innovative way of cooking helps to be more sustainable for the environment by reducing cooking time, and pressure cooking helps to retain the nutrients of the broth.


Bone broth is a great way to diversify your diet with wholefood goodness. A traditional type dish that our grandmothers have been making for years, bone broth has a whole array of health benefits that we are only just discovering now.

At Boil and Broth, we make our broth as raw as you can get; ours is simply bones, apple cider vinegar and water. We choose not to add vegetables and seasoning because some foods people are sensitive to. We want to make our bone broth as accessible as possible, which is why we leave the rest up to you.

To enhance the flavours of our bone broths, we always roast our bones first. Roasting brings out the richness of flavours from the bones themselves, which means our broth is very easy to drink on its own.


Our incredibly tasty chicken broth is made by pressure cooking chicken carcasses, apple cider vinegar and water. We source our chickens from Creedy Carver and they are renowned to be some of the healthiest chickens in the south. We add our free-range chickens to filtered water with a little homemade organic apple cider vinegar. The apple cider vinegar helps with mineral extraction, however, there is none present in the final product. Instead of slow-boiling our broth for a long-time, we actually pressure cook our broth. This new innovative way of cooking helps to be more sustainable for the environment by reducing cooking time, and pressure cooking helps to retain the nutrients of the broth.


ABUNDANT IN LIVE CULTURES – 97,000,000 Lactobacillus found in only 1ml

Our water kefir juice is abundant in live cultures and it is these live cultures that colonise in your gut and help bring some balance back to your microbiome. Through the process of fermentation, we add our water kefir grains to high-quality Fairtrade sugar and filtered water to allow our grains to ferment for 48-hours. During the process of fermentation, bacteria and yeasts are produced, as well as natural gases such as CO2 to create a carbonated drink to quench your thirst.


We believe in our product so much that we have sent it off to the lab for bacteria testing. The results were astounding! We discovered that in only 1 ml there were approximately 97,000,000 Lactobacillus bacteria, as well as a few yeasts also. That means that when you ingest a glass of water kefir juice, you are sending gazillions of happy bacteria and yeast.

We also about to transition selling our water kefir juice in recycled wine glass bottles. These will arrive with tamper-evident screw tops. It’s best to store your kefir juice in a dark place until you are ready to drink it. Then transition to the fridge once you have opened it.


Through science, we are learning that some of the old age preservation techniques are evolutionary to the human race, but it has only been since refrigeration that we have turned our backs on this ancient way of eating. With a day prevalent of new diseases and conditions, we should all pay extra care to the health of our digestive system and the microbiome that reside there.

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