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Beef Bone Broth Powder Refill Pouch 120g


This is a refill pouch of beef bone broth. It’s dehydrated and equivalent of purchasing 6 x broth pouches


Beef Bone Broth Powder 120g (approx 30-40 servings)

Water, beef bones – dehydrated


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Beef Bone Broth Powder | No added vegetables or extracts | Pure Bone Broth | Dorset Made

Our beef broth powder and has been dehydrated for ease of use and travel. Dehydrating the bone broth removes all the water content and leaves only the protein left. Because we remove 95% of the water content, there is only 5% left of bone broth protein. This is why a pot might seem expensive, but the good news is that this 120g pot will restore back to 3 litres of bone broth, which is the equivalent to buying 6 x 500ml frozen pouches.

Easy to use pouches

Once you’ve ordered a 120g pot and scoop of venison broth, all you need to do is fill up with our refill pouches. These are simple to use and much better for the environment. The bone broth will arrive in biodegradable pouches, so just pop them in your compost or food bin.

Why do we dehydrate bone broth?

We decided to dehydrate our bone broth to make it easier to travel with. After Brexit, we were unable to send our bone broth overseas, so we wanted to come up with a way for our bone broth to travel. After much research, we discovered and trialled dehydrating our bone broth. It worked better than we expected, so we sent our dehydrated broth off to the lab and were very pleased to discover that the dehydration process does not affect the nutrition of broth at all. See nutritional analysis below.

Rehydrate the bone broth back to its original state

Using your dehydrated bone broth is easy. All you need to do is follow the instructions by adding a scoop with 100ml of water, then stir well to remove all the clumps. If you want to check the collagen in your powder, then all you need to do is make up the broth, let it sit in the fridge for 6 hours and then it will form a jelly.

The beef broth powder will arrive in a screw-top container with a scoop. Use the scoop to measure out the broth for each serving.

How to use

Put one level scoop (use from your previous order) of dehydrated bone broth powder into a small amount of cold water. Then add 100-150ml of hot water and stir thoroughly. Allow to cool down before drinking. You can even add our bone broth powder to smoothies, breakfast topper and so much more.

Want more collagen? Then simply add another scoop!

Gluten, grain, and sugar-free. No added ingredients; simply broth.


120g of bone broth powder (approx.30 servings). This dehydrates back to 3 litres of bone broth.

Nutrition Facts per 100g

Kcals: 403

Collagen: 49g 

Protein: 95.8g                       

Fats: 2g       

Fibre: 1.2g             


Per scoop

Kcals: 20

Collagen 2g 

Protein: 3.8g                       

Fats: < 0.5g       

Fibre: < 0.5g             

Ash: 0.2g  


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