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Beef Tallow 300g

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Ingredients: Beef fat (from cooked and cooled broth)

Use instead of oil for roasting vegetables.

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Buy Tallow Online – Directly from Boil and Broth

Dorset made products using antibiotic and hormone-free beef bones

300g Tallow Oil will arrive in a glass jar.

Beef Tallow is the fat derived from the beef bone broth we make at Boil and Broth. After slow-cooking our bones, and then allowing the broth to cool, a thick layer of fat is formed on top of the collagen-based broth. To avoid waste, the fat is preserved in a jar to be on-sold as a product.

Why not add tallow to your order and try cooking with it. It’s great to cook with roast potatoes. Try our recipe here.


Beef tallow oil can be used for roasting potatoes and vegetables.

Scoop one tablespoon of tallow into your roasting tin and place in the oven with pre-boiled roasted vegetables for a delicious tasting and healthy dinner, served to all the family.

Keep refrigerated for up to a year.

Tallow oil is not available for individual sale. If you would like to purchase Tallow oil, then please add it to your order.


There is some belief that choosing to cook with tallow oil is better for you than coconut oil. It is lower saturated fats, contains Vitamin D and Vitamin E and has high quantities of Choline needed for metabolism. According to The Independent, other nutritionists are also feeling the same. Everyone is in agreement that there are higher unsaturated fats in animal fat and therefore lowering the risk of heart disease. If you would like to read more about this, head over to an article Eat British Food.


Tallow oil isn’t just used for cooking. Did you know that tallow oil is now being used for fuel. There are even energy companies who are collecting animal fat from restaurants. How cool is that? We can prevent some of the fat bergs and give the oil for further use.

Tallow oil is also used in a lot of skin products. The oil is easily absorbed by the skin, as well as forming a hard base at lower temperatures, so it is often used to help make soap.

1 review for Beef Tallow 300g

  1. Zahra (verified owner)

    This is my absolute saviour; when dealing with some chronic health issues I struggled to have any fat at all and this was the only one I could tolerate. Not only that but it gave real depth of flavour to my very bland meals. Well done!

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