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Soap for Dogs Natural Tallow Soap 100g

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Soap for Dogs Natural Tallow Soap 100g – Handmade!

Toxin-free! Only natural ingredients.



Tallow oil (beef fat), water, sodium lye

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Soap for Dogs Natural Tallow Soap 100g

Homemade natural soap using the tallow oil derived from the beef bone broth with added vitamin e.

Will arrive wrapped in packaging that would otherwise go to waste.

Storage: Keep dry when not using.

How to use:

Replace your dog’s usual soap with our tallow soap. Wash your dogs skin frequently with soap and water for best results. Ditch the plastic, toxic soap and switch to a natural soap for your dog’s healthy, clear skin that’s free from harmful ingredients.

Tallow oil soap

Our tallow soap is handmade at our farm. It’s completely natural and made from the fat that is formed when we cook our beef bone broth. We add vitamin e as well.

Since the inception of our business, we have produced a lot of beef fat from the beef bone broth we make. Until this date, we have tried to onsell the fat as a separate product – tallow. Unfortunately, we don’t sell enough of it so much of the fat is sent to waste. For a long time, we’ve wanted to find a use for the tallow. After some research, we have discovered that we can make soap by adding a few extra ingredients. As a result, this is what we have done. Created a new natural soap for dogs.

History of tallow soap

For centuries, our ancestors have used tallow soap to clean and moisturise themselves with. Over time, large manufacturing companies have dominated the market and taken away the natural approach to health. We’d like to think that we are bringing back some of these old techniques, which is why we are super excited to launch our very own natural skincare range.


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