Water Kefir Juice 1 litre


Ingredients: Water, kefir grains, demerara sugar and molasses (for fermenting), bicarbonate of soda, dried fruit

Add freshly squeezed juice as desired.

The maximum number of bottles per order is 6.

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Water Kefir Benefits

At Boil and Broth, we believe there are many water kefir benefits. Our Founder, Rachel Down, first started to make kefir water when she was battling with Candida overgrowth. She, and our customers, all report an improvement in conditions related to poor gut health. Some of our customers have reported kefir water has helped with eczema and other skin conditions.


Before you open your bottles, please read…

DISCLAIMER! Please be careful when opening the bottles of water kefir juice. They are fizzy. Open slowly, especially after transit.

Storage: Keep in a cool dark place. Once opened keep in the refrigerator and consume within seven days after opening.

Not suitable for freezing or heating.

To drink: Pour into a small glass and consume approx 200ml in one serving. Enjoy daily to experience life-long health benefits. Can add juice and other flavours

Dairy-free, Gluten-free, vegan-friendly

In this water kefir drinks pack you will receive:

  • Water kefir juice – 1 litre (You must place a minimum of 4)

We choose to sell in larger bottles because we believe that these drinks should be easily accessible to you. You can keep them in the fridge and drink them daily to ensure you are getting maximum benefits.


ABUNDANT IN LIVE CULTURES – 97,000,000,000 Lactobacillus found in a 1 litre bottle

Our water kefir juice is abundant in live cultures and it is these live cultures that colonise in your gut and help bring some balance back to your microbiome. Through the process of fermentation, we add our water kefir grains to sugar and filtered water to allow our grains to ferment for 48-hours. During the process of fermentation, bacteria and yeasts are produced, as well as natural gases such as CO2 to create a carbonated drink to quench your thirst.

As science is always important, we sent our kefir water off to the lab for bacteria testing. The results were astounding! We discovered that in only 1ml there were approximately 97,000,000 Lactobacillus bacteria, which means in an entire bottle there are 97,000,000,000 friendly bacteria in 1 litre (as well as a few yeasts also). That means that when you ingest a glass of water kefir juice, you are sending gazillions of happy bacteria’s and yeast.

Through science, we are learning that some of the old age preservation