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What is Ascension?

What is ascension?

Ascension is a spiritual shift in human consciousness. It is happening because of a dimensional change from the 3rd dimension to the 5th dimension. Now is an extremely important time to wake up, and help others wake up, so that we can breakdown the old paradigm to enter the new. Waking up means gaining a deeper understanding of our existence on earth and the realism of what is to come.

The shift in human consciousness is happening right now and we are experiencing this change on earth in the physical form. The dark forces of the dimensions are very much in control of the direction this is heading, but the more people who wake up, the quicker the dark can be destroyed, and the quicker we can enter into the 5th dimension. It’s not going to be an easy ride. You need to be prepared!

The easiest way to explain this is that there is what some people might call a spiritual war at play between the light and the dark. This might seem hard to comprehend if you are new to this, but we are not human. We are light souls living a human existence. Our souls live on in other dimensions and right now we have chosen to be on earth at this time to help in the ascension of the human consciousness.

For thousands of years, darkness has set its claws into humanity. Rulers have murdered, abused, and tortured humans for self-gratification and satanic rituals. Still, in this very day this is happening. It happens in the darkness, behind closed doors, but lives in reality, within people who are free to walk this planet as they please. These people have so much money that they can do as they wish. But, we must remember these are not real people. They are dark energies from the dimensions living within humans and are allowed to have a human existence. These dark beings have been sent here to make the human race slaves, so that we can be controlled and depopulated. However, that is not the complete picture, because actually these beings are part of a much bigger mission and that is to ensure that the human consciousness ascends from 3d to 5d. This is God’s story and we are here to experience it.

Our planetary solar system and universe are very old and have multiple dimensions and frequencies that are all part of a much bigger ascension and a much bigger plan. Outside of human existence resides higher beings who watch over the human race, and most probably other species also. Some people refer to these beings as Angelic forces of light, others might call them the Galactic Federation. There are many names, but it’s important not to get caught up on names. Names only limits us to our 3d minds. When we are not living as a human, we usually live with these beings. We are all together, which is helpful when understanding Heaven and why it is believed that we meet our soul relations when we die. It is believed that every 26,000 years there is a shift in human consciousness. Remember the Mayan calendar ending in 2012? All this is part of it. The Mayan calendar was the initial start of rapid approach to this time of ascension.

Ascension has to happen, as this is part of the plan. We cannot stop this ascension. But to ascend the human consciousness there has to be a breakdown of all the old systems and of all evil so that we can transcend into the future. When I refer to the breakdown of all systems, I literally mean the breakdown of everything.

All awakened humans need to be prepared for what is to come and as many awakened humans need to wake up many more humans to help them get prepared for what is to come. 2021 is going to be a rollercoaster of a ride. You absolutely must get prepared for your worst-case scenario. I will help you through this.

I love you.

Rachel xx

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