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Why Boil and Broth Bone Broth is Unique?

Why is Boil and Broth Bone Broth Unique?

Let’s be really clear about why is Boil and Broth Bone Broth unique?

Why is Boil and Broth bone broth different?

Boil and Broth bone broth is unique, because we make it like no one else does. People have different ideas about what broth is. We often imagine something that our granny would make for us if we are in bed with a nasty cold. Maybe that would be small pieces of chicken with diced vegetables in a thin stock like liquid. A really nourishing meal in other words. But not bone broth.

A definition of broth is often a ‘liquid in which meat, fish, cereal grains, or vegetables have been cooked’.

Our bone broth is different. It is not a thin soup and it is not a meal replacement. Our broth is a food supplement. In other words, whilst you could use a whole pouch to add to your soup or your curry, it is designed to be taken as a 100ml daily supplement. This means that your pouch will last for 5 days and it can quite happily stay in your fridge and last for that time.

There are several companies which make bone broth, and they are all a bit different.

Here are the reasons that our broth is unique

We do not add any seasoning.

We do not add garlic.

We do not add onions.

We do not add any other vegetables.

Our bones are locally sourced and from grass fed, antibiotic free animals.

You certainly can add your own seasoning and vegetables if you wish to make a soup. We have loads of ideas and recipes in our recipe section.

What can you expect from the taste?

If you are taking your bone broth as a daily supplement, the best way is to pour the 100ml into a small saucepan and heat without boiling. Pour into a mug and drink. The broth has a meaty taste, a bit like a mild stock cube. Remember it has no seasoning, so people can be surprised at the bland taste. The chicken is quite mild and a thinner liquid. The beef is a thicker jelly because the bones are bigger and have more collagen in them. The taste is a bit stronger too.

What to do if you are not keen on the taste by itself?

Don’t let that stop you from getting the benefits of this wonderful supplement. If you can’t manage to drink it by itself then you can use it in many simple ways so that you get your daily dose. You can even add it to your green smoothie or to a tin of soup at lunchtime. However you take it we know that you will really enjoy the health benefits.  We look forward to receiving your own ideas and recipes as well as your feedback.

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