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Good health begins with diet

From the green-lands of Dorset on the southcoast of England, we produce delicious homemade bone broth and fermented drinks from our country kitchen. You can buy bone broth online and have deliveries to your door.

Eating natural, traditional whole foods has never been so important. Your health and your planet depend on it!

Taking care of your health has never been so important. The function of your gut health is directly linked to the health of your immune system. A strong immune system will help you defend off viruses and bacteria that could cause long-term illness. We want to empower you to take back control of your health. Think diet before drugs.

Feed your gut, don’t starve it

'Bone broth & kefir water helped my Candida'

I am Rachel Down the Founder of Boil and Broth. I started the company so that I could get my products to help people who are suffering from digestive related conditions. I have grown immensely passionate about health since I managed to transform my own health by changing the way I eat and including new foods in my diet. I suffered for three-years with Candida overgrowth and IBS, but was unable to find help through conventional medicine. I started on my own research and discovered gut health and learned more about Candida. I designed my own Candida Diet and began to include bone broth and kefir water in my diet. After 12 weeks I had lost 2.5 stone and overall I have lost 6 stone in two-years, but best of all I am symptom-free of any digestive problems.

I started Boil and Broth in 2018 after I wasn't able to buy bone broth and water kefir juice easily in the UK. After the birth of my children, I developed IBS, Candida, and other infections, but by introducing these new foods into my diet, I transformed my life. I am now inspired to help others who are suffering from digestive related conditions by sharing knowledge and sharing my products to those who need them.

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Beef Bone Broth

The Bone broth process starts in our kitchen. Our bones and organic apple cider vinegar are cooked under intense pressure for an extended period. The result, a delicious liquid gel that can be added to meals or drank on its own. There are many health benefits of bone broth.

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Natural probiotics. Vegan, gluten and dairy-free.

water kefir juice

Water kefir juice is a natural probiotic drink made from fermenting kefir grains with sugar water. It is naturally carbonated and is abundant in friendly bacteria’s. There are many health benefits of drinking water kefir juice. Click to learn more about kefir water for good gut health.

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