Bone Broth for Pets



Our beef bone broth is high in protein 5.5g in 100ml for beef broth. All our bone broth is a great addition to your pet’s regular diet. We also add chia seeds to help with additional fibre requirements.

Our bone broth has proven results in digestive healing. NOT TO BE USED AS YOUR PET’S MAIN MEAL. SUPPLEMENT ONLY.

What’s in the Pack?

4 x lamb broth, 4 x beef broth, 4 x chicken broth all with added chia seeds. Plus 4 x kefir water

Ingredients for Bone Broth: Water (filtered), bones (chicken, lamb or beef). Homemade apple cider vinegar used for mineral extraction only. No added ingredients.

Ingredients for Kefir Water: Water (filtered), kefir grains, demerara sugar and molasses (for fermenting only) no sugar in final product, dried fruit.