Water Kefir Benefits

There are many water kefir benefits when you consume Boil and Broth’s best probiotic drink in the UK. Our water kefir juice is abundant in natural probiotics with proven results in helping reduce symptoms related to gut health conditions. Our Founder, Rachel Down, made water kefir juice to help heal her gut of Candida overgrowth. Check out our reviews and testimonials from many of our customers who also report their own gut healing health stories.

Best Probiotic Drink UK

Boil and Broth’s water kefir juice has been lab tested and we can confirm that in our one litre bottle of water kefir juice there is 97 billion Lactobacillius friendly bacteria. By ingesting these friendly bacteria’s, you can help to replenish depleted amounts. This could help to restore gut bacteria levels and reduce the risk of disease.

Buy Water Kefir Juice

Buying water kefir juice directly from Boil and Broth is easy. Simply click on the link below and add the number of bottles of water kefir juice to your cart that you’d like to buy. There is a minimum order of 4 and if you order before 11am Monday – Thursday, then you will receive your order next day. We recommend drinking smaller amounts of water kefir juice to start off with to allow your body to adjust to the probiotics. For all usage and storage instructions, please click the link below.

Market Leaders

Boil and Broth are market leaders for producing food and drink created to help people with digestive related conditions. All our products are made with the purpose of health and we research all our products before developing them. This is to make sure we produce high-quality gut health food and drink.

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