Meet Rachel Down – Founder

I am making a change to the way health is managed in the UK and the world over by empowering people to take their health into their own hands. I am helping reduce the number of pharmaceutical drugs people take by educating and providing them with real health information and products that can make a difference to their health.

The way in which health is managed must change. Due to lifestyle and environment, people are suffering from chronic illnesses caused by poor gut health. By focusing on improving gut health, people can reduce their symptoms and sometimes reverse their conditions. That is what I did. I suffered for 3 years with Candida overgrowth and was unable to find support through the NHS. Left to my own research, I was able to cure myself within 12 weeks. I am now on a mission to tell my story and empower other people to make better health choices. Diet before Drugs!

Rachel Down - Founder and Managing Director
BSc Health Science student

Candida Overgrowth Discovery

“In 2017, I gave up on the doctors and decided to start my own research. The journey of my health problems led me to discover gut health. I learned about the gut microbiome, about inflammation, and how certain foods might be able to help me. I started to make bone broth and followed a strict Candida diet that I designed myself. I took a few supplements to help with digestion, liver function and drawing out toxins. I also discovered probiotics, but couldn’t afford to buy the expensive ones too frequently, and that was when I found out about fermented foods. Keen to ensure that I was getting enough of the good bacteria into my gut, I stumbled across water kefir juice. I was unable to buy it easily in the UK, so I started to make it myself. Daily, I would drink my broth, kefir water and take my supplements, within 12 weeks my infections stopped, my digestive issues cleared up and I lost 2.5 stone in weight. I continued with my new way of eating and over 9 months, I lost 4-stone, resulting in a total of 6 stone weight loss over 2 years. I am now the healthiest, strongest and fittest that I have ever been.”

It’s my mission to empower people to take their health into their own hands and to share up to date health science information providing a new way of thinking. Often people believe that taking drugs will help them with their conditions but unfortunately, drugs are not the answer and in most instances bring on new illnesses requiring more drugs.

I believe there are natural solutions to most of the health problems, and it all starts in the gut. Improving your digestive system by eating natural foods and taking supplements, you can reduce symptoms related to your condition and in some cases even reverse the condition completely.

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